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R-Z-41B, Durga Park, (Nr. Dwarka)
Gali No.-2.,New Delhi-110045 India
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Fountain Accessories
The range of fountain accessories offered by us includes nozzles, lights and filters. These are manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards to ensure optimum quality in the final product. The fountain nozzle is major part of the system that determines the overall pattern of the fountain.

Bell Jet Nozzle
Model-NFL BJ-S
Inlet 3/4 (Spray ht.-1-0 APPROX.)
Cluster Jet Nozzle
Model-NFL CJ-S
Inlet 1 (Spray ht.-4-0 APPROX.)
Crown Ring
Model- NFL CR
Size: 4-0 to 20-0 Dia
Ball Fountain
Model-NFL DF-S
Inlet 2 1/2 (Ball Size: 4-0 APPROX.)
Fan Jet Nozzle
Inlet 1 (Spray ht.-2-0 APPROX.)
Finger Jet Nozzle
Model-NFL FI J-S
Inlet 3/4 (Spray ht.-2-6 APPROX.)
Flower Jet Nozzle
Inlet 1 1/2 (Spray ht.-4-0 APPROX.)
Foam Jet Nozzle
Model-NFL FJ-S
Inlet 3/4 (Spray ht.-3-0 APPROX.)
Geyser Jet Nozzle
Model-NFL GJ-S
Inlet 1 (Spray ht.-1-0 APPROX.)
Three Stage Nozzle
Model-NFL TS-M
Inlet 1 1/2 (Spray ht.-6-0 APPROX.)
Tulip Jet Nozzle
Model-NFL TJ
Inlet 3/4 (Spray ht.-1-0 APPROX.)
Two Stage Nozzle
Model-NFL TS-M
Inlet 1 (Spray ht.-4-0 APPROX.)
Vertical Steam Jet Nozzle
Model-NFL VS-S
Inlet 3/4 (Spray ht.-5-0 APPROX.)
Vertical Jet Nozzle
Model-NFL VJ
Inlet 3/4 TO 2 (Spray ht.-1-0 TO 100-0 FT. APPROX.)
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